After 2 days, the Apple Watch is starting to make sense

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Ok, this is more like it. Maybe I am expecting too much from the Apple Watch. Sure, it was $700 and for that much I expect it do a lot. But, maybe the watch will do a lot, just not in the way I might expect at first.

On day 2, I’ve made a list of 15-20 VIPs in my Mail app. That means I get alerts on the watch when, and only when, one of those people sends me an email. The rest can wait. So far, that’s working like a charm. I haven’t been looking at my phone all day as I wait for that one email from my boss or one of my key employees. If one of those emails comes, the watch will let me know.

One of the more ironic issues was with Maps this morning. I slept in a bit which usually means more Atlanta traffic for me, even at 6:15 a.m. When the watch took me East of my house, I was annoyed. Waze and Google never take me that way, it’s 2 more minutes and 10 more miles, I though to myself. So, I went the way I normally drive and ignored the watch. Well, it turns out, that road had been closed earlier and the backup cost me 30 minutes. It meant I wouldn’t have time to get in a run and test that part of the watch. Instead, I hit the gym for 30 minutes and hurried to my desk. Watch 1, Chris, 0 to start day 2.

So after day 2, the watch isn’t blowing me away but is starting to make more sense. The battery easily lasts the entire day.

I also got my leather loop in the mail, about 27 hours after ordering it. I like the way it fits much more than the sport band. Plus, I think it will look more inline with my typical work wardrobe.

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