How I got my Apple Watch, what will I do with it? Day 1

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Just how did I end up with my Apple Watch? It is a bit of luck, really. And, I still don’t know how I feel about it. But, it has only been a few hours. Surely I’ll be buying one for everyone in my family soon, right?

On Wednesday, June 17, a colleague at Cox Media Group sends around this article from about publishers and the Apple Watch. It’s the last push I need to convince myself to buy one. After all, I deserve it, right? I’ve been going to the gym regularly, eating healthy, I’m a good dad. Oh, a Father’s Day gift to myself. Of course! Ok, so It never takes a lot to convince me to get in on the latest technology, but this is a good excuse. “It’s for work, mostly” I tell myself.

So, I decide to check the Apple Store. A few days ago, I saw that shipping times were down to a just a few weeks. I could have this watch just after our new baby is born. Perfect. I go to the site around 10 a.m., and I see a link to check in-store availability. What? Really? It was true. I guess this move to Atlanta last year keeps revealing new perks. I can pick from most models and make a reservation to pick it up.

Oh, the pressure. Do I go with the cheaper Sport Edition? A few weeks ago, I tried on the Sport and the Apple Watch. Since I haven’t worn a watch in years, I liked the lighter feel of the Sport, and the price is easier to swallow. Plus, as with any 1.0 tech, there’s bound to be a new version soon. But, the Apple Watch just looks nicer. The Sport edition might look odd with my typical work dress. And with two, soon to be three kids at home, the better construction could be vital. I decide to go with the Apple Watch with the standard black band. I reserve it online and make an appointment to pick it up in about an hour.

What I don’t realize is Wednesday is the first day the Apple Watch is available in stores. Even the employees tell me they didn’t know it was coming. I happened to look online soon after the option to reserve them has gone live. Lucky me.

When I get to the store, the employees are fantastic. Jim is going to get me all set up. I try on a demo while I wait for my watch to be brought out. I also try on the leather loop as a band and I really like the magnetic clasp and the way I can tighten it however I want. I have pretty small wrists, so the medium band is perfect. Unfortunately, it’s out of stock. Lucky for me, Jim is happy to order the $150 band for me.

After about 10 minutes of walking me through set up, I am out the door and headed home wearing my new Apple Watch. It feels pretty good on my wrist, although I know the weight will take some getting used to. Now, what the hell am I going to do with this watch? That thought has been the main reason I haven’t ordered one earlier, and now that I am wearing the watch it hasn’t magically stopped worrying me. Well, if I’m going to try and find out how I think publishers ought to be using this watch to reach the masses, I guess I’ll figure it out just like everyone else.



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