Learning to love the Apple Watch, maybe (Day 1)

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One the way home, I used the Maps function on the watch. It was great. I love seeing the next turn so easily and the haptic alerts are well timed.

I’m kicking myself for not shooting any unboxing photos or videos. The Apple Watch comes in a nice case and is in some very cool protective coverings, if you’re in to that sort of thing. For whatever reason, I think it’s cool.

Apple watch colors
Matching the watch to your clothes is silly, but possible.

Whenever I get a new phone, I’m useless for about 3 hours. I’m busy tweaking and setting up. With the Apple Watch, I spent about 15 minutes setting up apps and “glances” and that was it. I guess I was hoping for more. I posted about this to my Facebook page and I got a few interesting replies. One that stuck for me was from an accomplished digital leader whom I admire¬†greatly. She mentioned that the watch has helped keep her head out of her phone. That’s me. I’m always buried in my phone when I’m not at my desk. I set up some apps and rules to help manage my email and I frequently hit “inbox zero.” But, I’m still always worried I’ll miss an important email or not reply to my boss or something. If the watch can help eliminate me being buried in the iPhone, it’ll be a huge win.

So far, aside from that hope and the maps, I don’t yet see loving this watch. But, the hope is enough for right now.

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