Here’s a good read on priorities and perspective

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I stumbled across this good post from Bitly CEO Mark Josephson on what he calls “leaning out.”

I worked with Mark during his time at Aol as part of Patch. Mark hosted sales calls that I used to love to join, as an editorial leader. Mark wanted his teams to know as much about their towns as their editorial partners and that added to some of the great culture we were developing at Patch.

I relate to what Mark says in this post because when I’m at my best, I’m taking time to “lean out” just as he describes it. When I’m taking the time to look outside if the day-to-day minutiae and instead checking where my teams stand on the path towards our lager goals, not only do find it to be most valuable time, it’s also something that energizes the rest of my entire day.

Just the other day, I shut down all distractions and looked towards the end of 2016 and beyond at where I thought my largest team would be, and what we would need. Now, I have a better handle on what needs to happen over the next weeks and months to get us there. Even more, when I look beyond 2016, I can see some of the changes and adjustments that need made now in order to line us up with that future.

How often do you take time to look 6-18 months into the future and adjust?


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